Ab Workouts that Get Results

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Whether you have taken up jogging, joined a gym or purchased some workout equipment, ab workouts also need to be done. For most, the health of their abdominal region is indicative of what kind of shape that person is in. Obviously the truth is that health is more complicated than that but wanting healthy and well toned abs is certainly understandable. This article will go over some of the more effective ab workouts that you can add to your exercise routine.

Include resistance training

No matter what kind of ab workouts you decide to do, make sure your workout routine includes some resistance training. This could mean lifting weights or making use of a resistance machine either at the gym or in your own home. While you can work the abs with these machines if you really want good results you need to do different kinds of resistance exercises too.

This has been shown to be an effective way to burn fat and build muscle throughout your body. Even if you are working on other parts of your body, your stomach and abs benefit too. The same is true of cardiac exercise which should also be worked into your exercise routine.


While you have no doubt heard that crunches are a necessary part of a good ab workout, did you also know that doing them while you are on a medicine ball your range of movement will be very improved? Medicine balls are the weighted balls about the size of a soccer ball you see around gyms, not to be confused with the larger stability balls (which also have many good uses). Another good thing to do on the medicine ball is a plank which is where you put your hands on the ball while you hold the rest of your body in a kind of push up position. If you want to make this more challenging, do leg lifts while you do this kind of exercise. If you’re unfamiliar with these types of exercises, however, you should practice them on a mat before doing them on a medicine ball.

Leg lifts

One particular type of exercise that you can do when you work out your abs are leg lifts. These are simple but fantastic exercises that will make a good difference if you work on them regularly. Lie down on your back with palms flat down on the mat. While keeping your legs a little bit bent, raise them up as high as you are able to, hold them in the air for just a couple of seconds and then return them back down to the floor. At first it might be difficult for you to raise your legs very high but if you keep working at it you’ll raise them higher eventually and raising them any little bit at all can help.

To sum up, plenty of people worry about working the abs, they worry more about this than any other types of workouts. However, it’s best to focus on doing some proven workouts on a regular basis, along with eating a healthy and moderate diet. No ab workout in the world is perfect. If you want to get the body you really want you need to keep working and stay patient. Setting both short and long term goals is the best thing to do so that you can appreciate all of the progress that you are making.

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