How to use metabolic finishers for fat loss

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What are Metabolic Finishers?

Metabolic finishers are a great way to add a serious extra push and really spike the fat burning or muscle building potential in a given workout. Done properly, it is the icing on the cake so to speak.

Metabolic finishers involve the use of one or several exercises performed at the end of a workout with the purpose of finishing the muscles and creating a super pumped afterburn. If they are added to a muscle building specific workout, the intent is to completely fatigue the worked muscles in order to stimulate growth.

They can also be very effective when used as part of a fat burning program. Just when you think you can‘t go any further or faster, you throw in a metabolic finisher circuit to squeeze every last drop of fat burning energy out of that body. This creates the perfect environment for fat loss while salvaging precious, hard earned muscle.

How can Finishers Excel the Fat Loss Process?

We all know and understand the ideology behind intense workouts. You get what you put in or reap what you sow if you will. Intense workouts, lead to extreme payoffs.

Finishers take those extreme workouts one step further. When your clients are just about to drop from the gruelling routine you´ve put them through, that´s the time to hit them with another little bonus round to really test their limits.

Metabolic finishers, when used as part of a fat burning workout, such as a bootcamp, can ensure that the right amount of intensity has been used in order to set up the necessary fat burning, muscle salvaging hormones. It’s the extra push we need to spike testosterone and growth hormone while training the metabolism to remain elevated and ready for action. The afterburn effects are set in motion, annihilating calories and fat deposits all day long.

The Benefits of Metabolic Finishers

Aside from the amazing results your clients will see in their physique by incorporating metabolic finishers in your bootcamps, they will also enjoy the psychological effects. Sure, some may moan and whine at first because let’s face it, the workout is already far more brutal than what most would put themselves through anyway, but never the less, they will love it.

There is something to be said for going as hard as you ever thought possible and then going just a little harder. Reaching further, testing self-imposed limits and crossing the psychological finish line faster, are guaranteed to boost self-esteem.

This style of training will also set you apart from the ordinary. So many bootcamps are lacklustre and repetitive, but with finishers you can design any circuit with any combination of exercises whether it’s sprints, shuttle runs, one leg burpees or bunny hops. With all the competition out there, you need something to differentiate yourself from the monotony.

Exercises to Choose for Your Metabolic Finishers

As mentioned earlier, metabolic finishers are so versatile you can literally use any exercise or combination you can dream of. Using as many full body, compound exercises, incorporating as many muscle groups as possible will burn the most amount of calories and add a significant amount of impact to the workout.

No equipment is necessary although it certainly can be an option as well. For bodyweight only finishers, try circuits involving full body and plyometric options like squat jumps, burpees, explosive push ups, bench jumps, crossover step ups, fireman´s carry and shuttle sprints. There are endless exercises and combinations of exercises that can be used.

If you´re working out at a track or wide open space, have your clients perform 50 or 100-yard sprints with short rest intervals. This works great at the beach as well. Throw in some upper body stuff like push ups, pull ups and inverted rows and that fat will be melting faster than ever before.

If equipment is available to you, exercises like snatches, kettlebell swings, cleans and push presses are perfect options. Try something like a one-arm snatch ladder to finish off a heart pounding workout.

Using a kettlebell or dumbbell of sufficient weight, have your clients perform one snatch, then switch to the other arm for one rep. Go back for 2 reps and continue on all the way up to 5, alternating sides each time. Once they reach 5, start them on the descent back down from 5 reps a side to 4 to 3 to 2 to 1. If performed properly, this will bring anyone to his or her knees.

No matter what you choose to add to your finishers, stick with full body or at least compound movements. Since the intent of this method is to up the ante and create an effective afterburn, you will want to use as many muscles as possible. Avoid things like biceps curls and tricep extensions. Obviously exercises like these will not create the extreme effect you’re looking for.

How to Use Metabolic Finishers

You can be as creative with the format and set up of your finishers as you are with the exercise selection. Circuits, supersets, complexes, ladders or even timing can be implemented well.

Circuits allow for numerous exercises to be added, ensuring the entire body is well worked over. Seemingly less intense exercises, when grouped into eight to ten and consecutively performed, have a dramatic effect on the metabolism and calorie burning potential.

Supersets are great for really focusing on something that may have been somewhat lacking in the workout or if specific muscles are the focus of a particular bootcamp. Tougher exercises can be grouped together in groups of three or four as complexes, which will create a circuit/superset combination.

Ladders and timing of exercises will allow for added motivation, as clients will try to compete against others and themselves.

Add Finishers to your Bootcamp for Incredible Results.

Give your clients the extra edge they’re craving in their training. Try out metabolic finishers and let them reap the rewards of their brutal efforts.

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