Rap Star Metabolic Resistance Training

It seems rapper the rapper built his body with metabolic resistance training. His six-pack abs, big chest, and biceps were all built with short, burst workouts. It sure as heck isn’t because he drinks water with vitamins and minerals that he was able to get ripped.

Have you heard about the Metabolic Resistance Training Workout fat loss system? Here you’ll learn the best way to put these workouts together. So if you’re interested in learning more about the fifty cent workouts, here’s how they probably went down. And the great thing is that you can do this training anytime, anywhere, as you’ll discover in this training program.

Of course, you might remember his legendary treadmill fitness testing scene from, ”In Da Club”, you might be tempted to think that the rapper (real name: Curtis Jackson) built his body with cardio, but that can´’t be right. After all, you don´’t get big arms or a powerful chest from running. Instead, you need resistance, and when you set up a training program that uses incomplete recovery, supersets, circuits, and a variety of exercises and repetition schemes, you get MRT Metabolic Resistance Training.

Best Metabolic Resistance Training start with Supersets

In the best MRT’s, you’ll start by using non-competing supersets. This means you pick two exercises that do not cause fatigue in the same muscle groups.

For example, back in the bodybuilder days, guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger would pair a dumbbell chest press together with a dumbbell fly in a superset. That´’s fine, but it reduces the intensity of the metabolic stimulus and focuses more on the ”pump” effect in the muscle. Again, useful for getting really big, but not as useful for building muscle and burning fat at the same time as a guy looking to get fifty cent’s ripped abs and chiseled chest.

A better approach is combing two tough exercises like dumbbell chest presses with dumbbell rows so you can train at a high-intensity for both exercises even when you reduce the rest or even eliminate the rest between exercises.

When the term high-intensity is used, it refers to being able to lift the heaviest weight you can with perfect form for all repetitions recommended in the set. In this case, you´’d want to pick a weight that you can lift eight times for each exercise.

After doing the chest presses you can move immediately to rows and work your back while your chest rests. Then with just a little rest after the rows, you can go back to the chest press and you´’ll be able to lift the weight for the same number of reps with minimal muscle fatigue. By doing this, going back and forth at a relatively high-intensity, you’ll get the best of both worlds muscle building and fat burning in your metabolic resistance training workout.

That’s how your workout starts and is essential for muscle growth. But we’ll also move into a conditioning version of MRT called Metabolic Conditioning Training (MCT). This often uses circuits, but still in our non-competing fashion. So you’ll use a squat then a push then a pull (row) then a single-leg exercise and then a total body ab movement. That’s called the big 5 circuit and is just one of many ways to increase the conditioning and fat burning component of a metabolic resistance training workout.

For example, if you are doing advanced bodyweight workouts, you could do squat jumps, decline pushups, pullups, Bulgarian split squats, and mountain climbers in your big five circuit for metabolic conditioning training.

In addition, you can finish off your workout with metabolic fat loss finishers (MFF), a dynamic series of often fast-paced bodyweight exercises like lunge jumps, total body extensions and jumping jacks or my infamous 20-10 bodyweight squat series that will leave your thighs screaming metabolic murder and your body going through major fat loss.

And heck, you can even do most of these workouts in da recording studio anytime of the day with just a little equipment so that you can look hot, sexy, lean and ripped for the ladies in the club, at work, or even just for your beautiful wife.

That’s how you do metabolic resistance training the right way the proven way as thousands of my clients have used the Training Metabolic Resistance Training workouts for years to do so.

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