The Master Cleanse Detox Weight Loss Secrets Exposed

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An article published by DetoxDieter reveals the secret of master cleanse. The article demonstrates how the master cleanse is nothing more than a combination of a lemonade drink and several salt water flushes. The article also provides important information on the Scams of the Detox Diet and provides information on safe, natural total body cleanse programs.

The master cleanse detox solution consists of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water and is touted as the main way to detox and lose weight. Since the lemon drink and water are the only source of nutrients during the master cleanse, most people experience weight loss during a detox.

I recommend avoiding quick detox programs, instead, use food-based natural body cleansers to improve weight loss and overall health.

The Master Cleanse Exposed! article details the health concerns associated with strict detox programs; these health issues may include digestive problems, blood sugar problems and muscle and joint pain. Many people who lose weight on master cleanse type detox programs tend to regain their weight soon after finishing the detox.

In addition to the danger associated with rapid detox programs, the article also describes the health benefits of all natural, gentle cleansing methods for the whole body. The most effective body cleanses last at least 30 days and use a wide variety of natural and organic fruits, vegetables and herbs to gently cleanse the liver and digestive system; this improves the body’s overall function, including increased metabolism and weight loss.

Many people turn to rapid detox programs as a quick fix weight loss solution. Unfortunately, what happens is they often end up gaining weight in the long run. I recommend avoiding quick detox programs, instead using an all-natural, food-based body cleanse to improve weight loss and overall health.

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The Master Cleanse Exposed! article from renowned fitness, nutrition, and weight loss expert Yuri Elkaim, is available here.

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